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What Works 2017: The International Summit to Advance Social Progress

​The most important social progress event of 2017 happens April 24-26.

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Why It Matters

Insight Drives Action

After examining their performance in comparison to other countries on the global Social Progress Index, the national government of Paraguay decided to double their investment in childhood nutrition.

What can I do?


The Social Progress Index in Tourism Destinations in Costa Rica has been honored by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as the first runner-up for its Award for Innovation in Public Policy & Governance. The Award was just announced today at the UNWTO Awards Forum in Madrid, Spain. Watch today’s announcement. Published and streamed live […]

18 Jan 2017

Political, economic and social uncertainty is rising globally. The world is looking urgently for solutions that will build prosperous economies and inclusive societies. In order to meet that challenge we need to understand what is working and why. Anchored by the Social Progress Index, the second annual What Works global summit will bring together leaders […]

13 Dec 2016

The results of the 2016 update to the Social Progress Index for the Cities of Colombia have been released. The Index follows approximately the same methodology as the Global Index, but uses indicators chosen by local partner organizations to reflect local priorities and available data. In this update the Social Progress Index measured the cities of Manizales, […]

10 Dec 2016