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We empower communities with new ways to think about and measure success. We bring governments, businesses, and civil society together around a new vision of what their communities could be.

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The Social Progress Index allows everyone, regardless of their role in society, to join in a common understanding of how well their community performs on the things that really matter to everyday people.

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After examining their performance in comparison to other countries on the global Social Progress Index, the national government of Paraguay decided to double their investment in childhood nutrition.

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Watch Rafal Rudzki, Senior Manager at Deloitte Central Europe, discusses the 2016 European Union Regional Social Progress Index. (In Polish)          

20 Oct 2016


Michael Green, Executive Director of the Social Progress Imperative, discusses the results of the EU Regional Social Progress Index. Explore the data for Scotland and all the EU regions on the EU Regional Social Progress Index.

12 Oct 2016


Excerpt: “A European study has suggested that Scotland has the best quality of life among the home nations. The findings – based on data from 37 regions of the UK – considered factors such as health, safety, access to education and personal rights. Scotland came top of the UK index – scoring 74 out of […]

11 Oct 2016