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We empower communities with new ways to think about and measure success. We bring governments, businesses, and civil society together around a new vision of what their communities could be.

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The Social Progress Index allows everyone, regardless of their role in society, to join in a common understanding of how well their community performs on the things that really matter to everyday people.

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After examining their performance in comparison to other countries on the global Social Progress Index, the national government of Paraguay decided to double their investment in childhood nutrition.

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Social Progress Imperative Advisory Board Chair Michael E. Porter suggested the Social Progress Index as a useful tool to help cities become more sustainable in an interview with Thomson Reuters on the sidelines of the Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum” in Hong Kong. Watch the video then read the full article on the Thomson Reuters […]

22 Sep 2016


How many countries have People’s Report Cards? All 133 countries ranked by the Social Progress Index will have complete People’s Report Cards (i.e. grades for all 12 components and an overall grade), covering 94% of the world’s population. An additional 27 countries will have grades for at least nine of the twelve components, bringing coverage up to 99%. […]

19 Sep 2016


(00:01, Sept 19th 2016, US Eastern) The People’s Report Cards—a major new initiative designed to help citizens hold their governments to account over progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—are published today. Issued a year after the UN launched the SDGs, the People’s Report Cards cover a total of 222 countries, providing individual grades […]

19 Sep 2016