Social Progress Index

From Data to Impact

The global Social Progress Network consists of partner organizations in business, government and civil society that use the Social Progress Index as a tool to advance social progress. The Social Progress Network for India is forming. Please contact us (see photo at bottom of this page) to learn how to get involved.

News Section

Excerpt: “In recent years, impact investing has become a prominent financial tool at the global stage to channelize private capital to generate measurable positive social and environmental benefits in addition to financial returns. In India, the industry is witnessing growth and a cumulative $2 billion has been invested by around 50+ funds in over 300 […]

14 Oct 2016

“Deloitte Global Chairman David Cruickshank told Business Insider in an interview that countries, businesses, and consumer groups can learn a lot from this index because they can then truly assess what strengths and weaknesses a country may have and learn where they need to improve operations to compensate.”

30 Jun 2016

“The next stage in the measurement of well-being went into creating what is termed as the Social Progress Index (SPI). It goes beyond the traditional measure of GDP and has most parameters that are required to fulfil SDGs. SPI is based on three fundamental pillars: basic needs for survival; access to the building blocks to […]

19 May 2016