Social Progress Index

From Data to Impact

The global Social Progress Network consists of partner organizations in business, government and civil society that use the Social Progress Index as a tool to advance social progress. The Social Progress Network for Costa Rica (#Progreso Social Costa Rica) is active. Initiatives include IPS Cooperativas—Evaluating social progress impact and opportunities for the cooperativist movement; and IPS Cantonal: Social Progress Index for the Cantons of Costa Rica. Please contact us (see photo at bottom of this page) if you are interested in supporting this network or any of these initiatives.

News Section

Published and streamed live on YouTube on January 16, 2017; Madrid, Spain Roberto Artavia Loria, Vice Chair of Social Progress Imperative, Mauricio Ventura, Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica, and Luis Guillermo Solís, President of Costa Rica, explained on Monday at the 13th UNWTO Awards Forum in Madrid how Costa Rica has used the Social Progress Index […]

17 Jan 2017

The Social Progress Index for the Cantons of Costa Rica was developed by one of our regional partners in Latin America, the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development – CLACDS; part of INCAE, along with other members of the platform Costa Rica Propone. This platform was created by the Mesa de Innovación Social […]

23 Nov 2016

Excerpt: “The country also has the lowest deficit-income housing in Latin America, equivalent to 18%, below countries like Chile (23%) and Uruguay (26%) and far from the figures of Nicaragua (78%) and Bolivia ( 75%), according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Costa Rica, a country of 4.7 million people, live with a level of […]

7 Jul 2016

Excerpt: “Finland, Canada, Denmark, Australia and Switzerland are the countries with greater social progress, while Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Chad, Angola and Niger occupy the bottom places. The [Social Progress Index] measures the ability of a nation to meet to meet the basic human needs of its citizens, establish the building blocks that allow citizens and communities […]

3 Jul 2016