Social Progress Index

Published on The Uusimaa Regional Council website on 11.30.2016 The Social Progress Imperative team met with the managing authority of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region to discuss how the European Union Regional Social Progress Index could be used by the region to improve regional governance, project management, and effective policy making. Read the full article in The […]

7 Dec 2016

Excerpt: “The strength of Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands is two-fold, according to Green. One, the nations are particularly strong in areas of social rights and freedom of choice. Regions from the four countries take up the entirety of the top 30 regions based on personal rights, as defined by SPI, and 20 of the […]

12 Oct 2016

Check out this deck to see some of the major findings from analysis of performance in 272 regions across the 28 Member States.

11 Oct 2016

The wealth of EU regions is “no guarantee” of social progress; European capital cities do not always deliver better social conditions for citizens than rural areas; and the EU’s new entrants are outperforming old Member States on some measures of social progress. These are the findings of the new EU Regional Social Progress Index, published today by the Social Progress Imperative.

11 Oct 2016