Protected: 10 Cities in Colombia (2009-2014)

Benchmarking Each City

The Colombia cities Index benchmarks the 10 cities across multiple dimensions relative to its peers. This allows setting clear priorities as well as seeing where investments in social performance have paid off. Each Colombian city now has tools to see at a granular level how each city is doing.

First City-Level Index

This is the first ever city-level Social Progress Index that complements the global Index covering more than 130 countries. With more than half the world’s population already living in cities, and this ratio set to increase to two-thirds by mid-century, the tools to rigorously benchmark not just the economic but social performance of cities are critically important

Important Milestone for Colombia

This report by #Progreso Social Colombia applies the powerful methodology of the Social Progress Index to ten cities in Colombia. It allows leaders and citizens to identify their cities’ strengths and their weaknesses, and set strategies to drive inclusive and sustainable development. This report is an important milestone for Colombia, just as the global community signs a new United Nations pact for development promoted to build a better world by 2030.

Assessing the Impact

Time Series Data

The Index also includes the first ever time series data for a Social Progress Index. Beyond just snapshots of social performance, we are now able to examine relationships between economic and social development over time, in this case over six years.