Protected: Intra-Urban Rio de Janeiro (2015)


A Comprehensive Tool

SPI Rio aims to be a comprehensive tool to measure inequality to access fundamental freedoms in different regions of the city, fostering new insights for public policy.

The Index: a way to monitor human development

Project was initially designed in a joint partnership organized by IPP Instituto Pereira Passos and it will be use to monitor human development within municipality administrative regions.

Geographic Coverage of the Index

There are 33 Administrative Regions (AR) included in the index, plus the overall score of Rio de Janeiro (34 observations). Rio is comprised of five main "Planning Areas", 33 Administrative Regions and 161 neighbourhoods. Besides, different geographical divisions are used for education, police and public utility companies. The AR is the best possible choice to zoom in intracity inequalities and learn from each regions weakness and strengths.

Assessing the Impact