Day 3: First Look | What Works 2017

Photo Credit: Anton Brink

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Explore seven videos from presentations given at What Works 2017.

What Works in Health and Wellness: Better Healthcare for All

Dr. Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir, Founding Dean of the University of Reykjavik’s School of Health and Education, on the roles data and dialogue have played in informing policy and improving health and wellness in Iceland.


What Works in Health and Wellness: Digital Health

John Wilbanks, Chief Commons Officer at Sage Bionetworks, discusses how big data and new technologies can revolutionize global healthcare for the benefit of all.


Advancing Personal Rights and Freedom

Dr. Shireen Huq, Co-founder of Naripokkho, discusses the work her organization is doing to change attitudes and promote equal rights and treatment for women in Bangladesh.



Restoring Trust after the Financial Crisis

The 2008 financial crisis in Iceland, and indeed in many parts of the world, shattered public trust in the system. Matthew Bishop, Senior Editor, The Economist Group, interviews Stefán Broddi Guðjónsson, Head of Research, Arion bank, on how Iceland has rebuilt trust and what other countries can learn from that experience.



Betting on Social Progress

Choosing between returns and impact is quickly becoming a thing of the past. For the average person, maximizing fund decisions for impact is not really feasible: you must go where the money is. However, the smart money is now focused on doing well while also doing good.



Recap of What Works 2017

Social Progress Imperative Chief Executive Officer Michael Green closes the What Works 2017 event by summarizing the big themes on social progress explored over the three-day event: the world in crisis, the need to rebuild the global system and restore trust, optimism in the face of uncertainty, and the need to move from Index to action to impact.



From Local to Global: The Issue of Scale

Scaling solutions to other parts of the world facing the same problems seems like a simple way to fix many of the world’s problems. However, understanding when a program or policy can be scaled is incredibly complex. This session discussed the issue of scale, examining whether taking something from local to global is the best way to solve some of the world’s toughest problems, or whether there are too many cultural barriers which make this an impossible task.

Ladan Manteghi, Global Director of Partner Network, Social Progress Imperative moderates a discussion with Sid Espinosa, Director of Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, Microsoft; Laura Abadia, Policy Manager, J-PAL Europe; and Rafal Rudzki, Senior Manager, Sustainability Consulting, Central Europe, Deloitte.