Five Years of Advancing Social Progress Together

Today marks Social Progress Imperative’s fifth year.  With your partnership and support, we have made massive strides in redefining how the world measures success and putting the things that matter to people’s lives at the top of the agenda.

You have given your time, resources, and goodwill to our shared project of advancing social progress. Without the generous support of our partners and donors and the tireless work of our staff, we could never have had such a significant impact in so short a time. Thank you.


In the last five years, we:

Launched the first global Social Progress Index, which we have continued to refine and improve each year

Saw our Index officially adopted by the government of Paraguay, which incorporated it into its National Development Plan to 2030

Partnered with Imazon to create our first subnational index, covering the 772 municipalities of the Brazilian Amazon

Created two acclaimed indices in Costa Rica: the Social Progress Index in Tourism Destinations, which was honored by the UN World Tourism Organization, and the Social Progress Index for the Cantons of Costa Rica, which the OECD highlighted as a leading tool for social innovation

Collaborated with Natura and Coca-Cola to make an in-depth index for the Amazonian municipality of Carauari, allowing both firms to ensure their initiatives address the real needs of their community

Twice (2016 & 2017) hosted the What Works conference, a unique meeting of leaders from business, government, and civil society to discuss important lessons from our indices and hear from change-makers from around the world

Raised awareness of the critical relevance of social progress with a TED series, as well as coverage on CNN and in The New York Times

The European Commission launched the first regional Social Progress Index, covering 508 million people in the 272 regions of the European Union

More than doubled the size of our team to ensure we continue to extend our reach and expand our impact

Demonstrated the Index framework’s potential as a tool for urban planning and development by creating an index for ten major cities in Colombia and another for the administrative regions of Rio de Janeiro

Raised the profile of social progress, even receiving the same number of online mentions as GDP after one of our launches

Partnered with Global Citizen to create the People’s Report Card, grading the progress each country is making and allowing people to hold their leaders to their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Today, our goals remain as audacious as when an index to measure social progress was first conceived. We are constantly responding to the world’s most pressing needs, demand from new sectors and ever-changing social, cultural, political, economic and technological dynamics, as well as the latest measurement best practices.

In the next year, we will embark on five ambitious new initiatives. The countries covered by the global index are home to 98% of the world’s people, and with your support, we will expand to serve nearly one-third of them with an even more detailed regional or subnational index.

Donate now, on our birthday, and add your name to an impressive list of change agents committed to raising quality of life for everyday people in every community around the world.


Our new initiatives include:

  • India – benchmarking social progress in 28 states and one territory, and seeding major quality of life improvements for more than one-fifth of the world’s population in support of a partnership between NITI Aayog and the Institute for Competitiveness, India.
  • US – measuring quality of life at a local level and helping mayors, city councils, and other leaders improve conditions for more than 320 million people
  • Europe – informing the European Commission’s regional cohesion policy, which aims to improve the wellbeing and equity of 508 million people across the continent
  • 2017 Social Progress Index – comparing four years of results for 128 countries to help map global, regional, and national trends
  • Real-time data – using new analytics and sources to measure social progress on a more fluid and dynamic basis for more territories and users.


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