The Global Standard

How We Make Progress

To truly advance social progress, we must learn to measure it comprehensively and rigorously. When everyone uses the same vocabulary to describe challenges, it's that much easier to overcome them.

Our Best Yet

The 2016 version of the Social Progress Index has improved upon the 2015 version through generous feedback from many observers. It covers an expanded number of countries with 53 indicators.

Help Us Improve

We continue to welcome your use and testing of our data and feedback to help us continue to improve. Please use the Contact Us link below.

Assessing the Impact

“Social progress depends on the policy choices, investments, and implementation capabilities of multiple stakeholders—government, civil society, and business.”

“We need an SPI and we need to understand its value in our society because we need to understand how we’re doing in terms of health and education and the quality of our water…”

“We’re going to have to create, among other things: new ways to measure progress (like the Social Progress Index)…”