Social Progress Network


What It Is

Our Network consists of partner organizations in business, government and civil society that use the Social Progress Index to improve human wellbeing.

How It Works

The Social Progress Imperative, through regional partnerships, promotes the formation of local networks which apply the Social Progress Index within countries to guide social investments.

Why It's Special

Local networks operate at a national scale or focus on specific areas within a country. This provides a unique opportunity for social innovators to lead social progress in communities they know best.

Our Regions

Central America

What innovative use of the Social Progress Index will Progreso Social Mesoamérica deliver next?

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Which regions of the EU will be first to use Social Progress Index data to guide their policies?

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South America

Countries and communities across South America are early adopters of the Social Progress Index.

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North America

A Social Progress Index examing all 50 American states is now available! Scroll down to learn who’s on top, what strengths we can build on and where the country needs to improve. And donate to support our next venture, measuring quality of life in America’s cities and regions.

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What's Next

The Social Progress Imperative is changing the way we solve the world’s most pressing challenges by redefining how the world measures success and putting the things that matter to people’s lives at the top of the agenda. We do so by partnering with individuals and organizations who are committed to developing tools and strategies to advance social progress in their own communities. While we are focusing on the United States in 2017, we continue to receive interest from around the globe. If you would like to be part of helping us advance social progress in your country, please get in touch. With your help, we might be able to expand even faster.