The Social Progress Imperative’s mission is to improve the quality of lives of people around the world, particularly the least well off, by advancing global social progress. The Social Progress Index provides a robust, holistic and innovative measurement tool to guide countries’ choices to enable greater social progress and foster research and knowledge-sharing on the policies and investments that will best achieve that goal.

To achieve this mission we need to go further than just measurement alone, and equip leaders and change-makers in business, government and civil society with new tools to guide policies and investments. This is being pursued by building a Social Progress Network of partners in government, business and civil society who want to use the Social Progress Index tool as a starting point for action in their countries.

In the last year, since the launch of the beta pilot version of the Social Progress Index, we have made especially strong progress in building the Social Progress Network in Latin America. Read about some of our most exciting initiatives.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with the Social Progress Imperative, please contact us.