Online Tool Mapping Social Initiatives Launches in El Salvador

Image: Alejandro Poma, Executive Director of the Poma Foundation | Photo Credit: Diego García


A new online tool, the Map of Social Initiatives, was launched in El Salvador. The Poma Foundation introduced the map during CSR and Sustainability week as part of its partnership with Fundemas.

The Map of Social Initiatives is in the pilot phase, but once completed, will identify social initiatives currently in process in El Salvador. The goal is to create a social progress network that connects projects throughout the country.

Alejandro Poma, the executive director of the Poma Foundation, said, “It is clear that it is important to visualize the work being done by the private sector and NGOs.”

This tool will categorize each initiative according to the framework used in the Social Progress Index. It will also provide data about the department, municipality, and implementing organization.

To learn more about the Map of Social Initiatives, visit