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29 Jun 2016

Reykjavik the First City in Europe to Use Social Progress Index to Advance Wellbeing for All Residents

28 Apr 2016

Costa Rica lanza nueva plataforma para impulsar innovaciones sociales

7 Mar 2016

Social Progress Imperative and INCAE Business School Come Together to Promote Social Progress in Central America

1 Mar 2016

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‘The U.S. is the world’s largest economy as measured by gross domestic product, but the Social Progress Index was designed by those who see shortcomings in the traditional measure of GDP, because they do not take into account things like the health of the population, or crime, or the environment or even whether citizens have basic human rights. The index, for example, could be a better measure whether nations are making progress against the “Global Goals” of the United Nations.’

1 Jul 2016

Wall Street Journal


“Countries’ over- and underperformance was calculated against a group of 15 countries most similar in terms of GDP per capita, using a four-year average. Among the overperformers were Costa Rica, Rwanda and New Zealand. Green said consistent effort was key to achieving good levels of progress.”

28 Jun 2016

Guardian (UK)


“Michael Green, experto en progreso social, desarrolló un nuevo método para definir la felicidad de un país y no está basado, exclusivamente, en el PIB sino que toma en consideración factores sociales, económicos, de bienestar y de oportunidad y se llama ‘Índice de progreso social‘.”

30 Apr 2015



“Pour évaluer la richesse d’un pays, il existe depuis les années 1930 le produit intérieur brut, ou PIB – il avait été créé pour mesurer l’effet de la Grande Dépression sur l’économie américaine. Cet indice, souvent critiqué en raison de ses critères strictement économiques, n’avait pas jusqu’à présent d’alternative ; désormais, il existe le SPI, pour « Social Progress Index », qui mesure le progrès social de chaque pays.”

13 Apr 2015

Le Monde


“The pitfalls of focusing on GDP alone are evident in the findings of the 2015 Social Progress Index, launched on April 9. The SPI, created in collaboration with Scott Stern of MIT and the nonprofit Social Progress Imperative, measures the performance of 133 countries on various dimensions of social and environmental performance. It is the most comprehensive framework developed for measuring social progress, and the first to measure social progress independently of GDP.”

9 Apr 2015

Project Syndicate