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The Social Progress Imperative seeks to increase awareness of our data and to facilitate action by engaging with media to amplify our messages.

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News Release: Innovation with Purpose promotes transformations that improve the lives of millions of people in Latin America

17 Nov 2016

News Release: Scotland Offers Better Quality of Life Than England – New Regional Social Progress Index

11 Oct 2016

News Release: Brexit Risks Masking the EU’s Real Challenge: Delivering Regional Cohesion—New EU Regional Social Progress Index

11 Oct 2016

News Release: World Scores C+ & has “A Long Way to Go” to Meet the Sustainable Development Goals – People’s Report Cards

19 Sep 2016


29 Jun 2016

Reykjavik the First City in Europe to Use Social Progress Index to Advance Wellbeing for All Residents

28 Apr 2016

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Michael Green discusses the findings of the EU Regional Social Progress Index on Scotland’s flagship breakfast programme.

11 Oct 2016

BBC Radio Scotland

‘Too frequently, our policymakers boast of American exceptionalism but fail to acknowledge the serious needs facing millions of Americans. On a surprisingly large number of targets used as development indicators, the US fares poorly – in some cases, even worse than developing countries. In the 2016 Social Progress Index, the US ranked 19th overall – it came 21st on basic human needs and 32nd on wellbeing – and was the only western democracy on the list of “underperformers”, a ranking of social progress relative to each country’s economic wealth.’

16 Jul 2016

The Guardian

‘Developed in partnership with the Avina, and Skoll foundations and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., and funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation, Cisco, and Compartamos Banco, the report also compared each country to fifteen others with similar per capita GDP and found that Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uruguay, and Malawi were top “overperformers” relative to their economic wealth. The worst “underperformers” were Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and the Central African Republic, with the U.S. ranked as nineteenth worst, the only major Western democracy on the underperformers’ list.’

30 Jun 2016

Philanthropy News Digest

“O IPS varia de 0 a 100 e é calculado levando em consideração 36 indicadores. Entre eles, estão acesso a água canalizada e esgoto sanitário, taxa de homicídios, incidência de dengue, mortalidade por tuberculose e HIV, homicídios de jovens negros e frequência no ensino superior. Não são levadas em conta variáveis econômicas, como renda.”

16 May 2016


“The U.S. ranks 16th in the Social Progress Index, which is based on dozens of criteria measuring well-being, opportunities and basic human needs. The ranking, released on Wednesday, puts Norway on top, followed by Sweden and Switzerland. It was designed to complement traditional economic indicators — such as GDP.”

28 Apr 2015


“As India’s economic growth rate surges ahead of China and other developing countries, international organizations like the United Nations have questioned what the country is doing to help the 300 million Indians still living in extreme poverty.

Now, an index that measures a country’s social and environmental progress rather than its gross domestic product, suggests an answer: not enough.”

10 Apr 2015

Wall Street Journal

“O Brasil possui o melhor Índice de Progresso Social (IPS) no bloco das economias emergentes formado por Rússia, Índia, China e África do Sul, os Brics, de acordo com pesquisa divulgada mundialmente nesta quinta-feira pela instituição norte-americana sem fins lucrativos Social Progress Imperative. Em um ranking formado por 133 países, o Brasil ocupa a 42ª colocação, com 70,89 pontos.”

23 Aug 2014