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News Release: Innovation with Purpose promotes transformations that improve the lives of millions of people in Latin America

17 Nov 2016

News Release: Scotland Offers Better Quality of Life Than England – New Regional Social Progress Index

11 Oct 2016

News Release: Brexit Risks Masking the EU’s Real Challenge: Delivering Regional Cohesion—New EU Regional Social Progress Index

11 Oct 2016

News Release: World Scores C+ & has “A Long Way to Go” to Meet the Sustainable Development Goals – People’s Report Cards

19 Sep 2016


29 Jun 2016

Reykjavik the First City in Europe to Use Social Progress Index to Advance Wellbeing for All Residents

28 Apr 2016

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“The index shows the Canadian economy expanded 38 per cent between 1994 and 2014, while improvements in Canadians’ well-being grew just 9.9 per cent.”

22 Nov 2016

The Globe and Mail | November

“Brussels said Scotland was more tolerant of minorities and had a better education system and environment, while people living in England had fewer personal freedoms.”

10 Oct 2016

Daily Mail (UK)

‘Several central and eastern European countries, including Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Latvia, outranked larger nations like United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Brazil, all three of which were placed among the lower third tier of countries showing “upper middle social progress”.’

6 Jul 2016

The Telegraph Features the 2016 Social Progress Index

“While richer nations tend to rate higher than poorer ones, the Unites States bucked the trend. It has a higher GDP than Finland and Canada, but is found much lower on the index.”

29 Jun 2016


“The United States may rank sixth among countries in terms of GDP per capita, but its results on the Social Progress Index are lackluster. It is sixteenth overall in social progress: well below Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan in several key areas, including citizens’ quality of life and provision of basic human needs. The nation ranks thirtieth in personal safety, forty-fifth in access to basic knowledge, sixty-eighth on health and wellness, and seventy-fourth in ecosystem sustainability. ‘We had a lot of firsts in social progress over the years in America,’ Porter points out, ‘but we kind of lost our rhythm and our momentum.'”

1 Nov 2015

Harvard Magazine

“Por su parte, Paula Burt, manifestó que el Índice de Progreso Social es complementario a la admisión del Producto Interno Bruto, “que es lo que todos conocemos” en materia de dimensión económica. Indicó que con el Índice de Progreso Social se pretende hacer mediciones sociales de la calidad de vida de los habitantes del país para acompañar y así monitorear las acciones del Gobierno y también las inversiones que el Gobierno hace en estos ámbitos.”

14 Apr 2015

La nacion

“The 2015 Social Progress Index is one of a new breed of country success metrics that take a more nuanced look at national progress. While the U.S. has the top GDP in the world, the Social Progress Index shows the U.S. in 16th place, due to its relative weaknesses in heath and wellness, access to education, and personal safety measurement categories.”

9 Apr 2015

Fast Company