Reykjavik to be First City in Europe to Use Social Progress Index to Map Wellbeing of All Residents

Mayor of Reykjavik Dagur B Eggertsson and Social Progress Imperative CEO Michael Green shake hands after signing an MOU to create the first Social Progress Index for a city in Europe.The Social Progress Imperative and the City of Reykjavik announced today that the capital of Iceland will be the first city in Europe to use the Social Progress Index to map and improve the wellbeing of all its residents. A memorandum of understanding was signed at today’s conclusion of the “Social Progress-What Works?” event.

“Iceland is already a leading country in the world on social progress, and we’re used to thinking that life is pretty good in Reykjavik,” said Dagur Eggertsson, Mayor of Reykjavik. “This new effort to map what is and is not working for people in different parts of our city will allow us to make sure that there is a chance for all residents to enjoy social progress. This initiative should also give renewed confidence that government exists to improve the lives of residents.”

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