Social Progress Imperative’s Investor Strategy to Support Social Progress Issues

Image: Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation
Article Published: April 5, 2017 in the Stanford Social Innovation Review

In the Stanford Social Innovation Review, President of the Ford Foundation and partner with Social Progress Imperative Darren Walker discussed how the Ford Foundation is committing up to $1 billion from its endowment to support impact investment.

“What we invest in will reflect our values, and our mission will inform how we make these investments and report on them. We hope to make diversity, equity, and inclusion bywords of this investment movement, paying attention to the makeup of investment teams, as well as where they invest and with what values. We join a growing number of committed pension funds, universities, foundations, and other institutional investors in not only considering diversity and inclusion, but also recognizing how it can powerfully contribute to performance and impact. And we will make our financial and impact performance completely transparent to help move the wider marketplace forward.”

To read the entire article, please visit the Stanford Social Innovation Review website.