Social Progress Indexes

Credible and Useful

Global Standard

The Social Progress Index is based on a range of social and environmental outcome indicators organized within three dimensions of social progress: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity.

Flexible Tool

The index has been adapted to assess social progress across various geographies and contexts, including regions, states, cities, and even districts in the same city.

Growing Community

Each day, supporters from all corners of the world are joining the movement to measure and improve social progress at home and abroad.

Global Model for Progress

The 2017 Social Progress Index is a complement to traditional measures of economic success for countries around the world. It presents a granular, actionable picture of what matters most to people regardless of their wealth.

For the European Union

A growing number of organizations and governments around the world are applying the Social Progress Index in their local contexts, convening novel partnerships around a new lens on social performance that informs action to advance social progress.

One Index Drives Many Tools


Maps present social progress data in an intuitive form, showing how performance on one social progress lens compares across all territories covered by an index.


Reports present written analysis of a Social Progress Index, explaining findings and methodologies.


Scorecards present all available lenses on social progress for a given geographic territory, comparing performance to a set of other territories of similar wealth.