The 2018 Social Progress Index is coming!

On September 20, we will release the 2018 Social Progress Index results. Is the world as a whole progressing? In what ways has the world got better, and where are we stalling? In just six weeks, examine the full findings to answer these questions and uncover more insights at

The Social Progress Index is the first holistic measure of a country’s performance that is independent of economic factors. And the 2018 index is our best yet because it:

  • Ranks 146 countries – the most we’ve ever been able to measure – on how well they provide their people with the things that really matter, including quality healthcare and education, safe streets, a clean environment, and an inclusive society with rights and opportunities are for all.
  • Provides trend analysis about countries’ social and environmental outcomes since 2014 to inform strategies to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Reveals the strengths and weaknesses of countries in comparison to others with a similar GDP per capita.
  • Shows how the world overall, geographic regions, and global superpowers are performing.
  • Identifies what is driving social progress forward and what is holding it back.
  • Reminds us what’s at stake and what each of us – in government, business and civil society – can do to advance social progress.

Starting September 20, you can download and explore the 2018 Social Progress Index data at

Between now and then, you can help us to spread the word by using the sample social media messages below:

  • Save the Date! The 2018 #SocialProgress Index will be live on September 20
  • (Twitter: @socprogress, Facebook: @SocialProgressImperative) will have 5 yrs of #socialprogress data for 146 nations on September 20 w/ new Social Progress Index
  • 2018 #SocialProgress Index reveals new regional & global trends. Find out September 20 which countries are performing best & worst

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