United by the Same Concern | Laudato Si and the Social Progress Index

Unexpected partners can bring about extraordinary change.  Last week, the Social Progress Imperative was proud to be an integral participant of the ‘Symposium Laudato Si’ event held by the Ratzinger Foundation in Costa Rica. His Holiness, Pope Francis, and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI were among the esteemed hosts of the event, which was meant to discuss in depth the Laudato Si encyclical doctrine.

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church first published the Laudato Si in 2015, to showcases the moral imperative of addressing factors such as environmental, poverty, science and technology as they relate to climate change and other societal needs, to protect the most vulnerable. A Papal call to a planet in distress, to ensure no one is forgotten.

Michael Green, the Social Progress Imperative Chief Executive Officer, was invited to speak at this prestigious event to showcase who the Social Progress Imperative is, and how the Social Progress Index framework can be employed to assist not only the Catholic Church but other world leaders, in helping measure the Laudato Si.

United Outcomes
With united desired outcomes of both the organization and the Laudato Si in mind, the Social Progress Imperative’s regional partner, INCAE Business School, were able to align the goals of the Laudato Si to begin working on a unique index, based off of the Social Progress Index framework to ensure the Laudato Si goals are met. The Humanist Integral Ecology Index (Indice de la Ecologia Integral Humanista) was created by INCAE Business School and Viva Idea in partnership with the Catholic University of Costa Rica to measure sustainability and social progress in the world, key elements of the Encyclical Laudato Si. The Index uses the three dimensions of the Social Progress Index along with specific indicators of efficiency and environmental quality to highlight the risks that are challenging the Earth.

The event brought together leaders and dignitaries from across cultural, religious and territorial boundaries, all with one common goal: to help alleviate the devastating effect that climate change and other environmental disasters can have on those that are most vulnerable. We were honored to expand the audience of knowledge through our work and our principles. The world has a duty to protect itself and others, and the first step is to measure its state.

Together, the Social Progress Index can be an effective measurement tool for His Holiness Pope Francis’ worthwhile and thoughtful social and environmental agenda.

To see Michael Green’s presentation from the Symposium Laudato Si, please click here.