Video | Professor Michael E Porter’s Presentation from Skoll World Forum 2017


Drawing on insights from the Social Progress Index, Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School spoke on how the United States’ current political rhetoric and surge in populism is a symptom of a model in crisis. The real and solvable problem is that economic development is not delivering social progress. Porter connected the country’s underperformance on the Index with a legacy of flawed policies and practices, and shared evidence and wisdom that can help government, business and civil society better meet people’s basic needs, provide a foundation of wellbeing and create opportunity for everyone to reach their full potential. As chief advisor to the Index, he made the case that it is balanced, data-driven solutions that will heal the divided nation, not more hyperbole.

Edith Chapin – Moderator
Executive Editor, National Public Radio

Michael Porter – Speaker
University Professor, Harvard Business School

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