Who We Are

A Global Effort


The Social Progress Imperative is fortunate to have assembled a stellar team of directors, advisors, management, staff, and partners from several continents.


Our cross-sector collaboration focuses on delivering analysis that contributes to real-world change.


Michael Green

Chief Executive Officer 

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Luke Greeves

Chief Operating Officer 

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Ladan Manteghi

Global Partner Network Director 

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Amy Wares

Research Director 

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Abi Weaver

Global Director, Marketing and Communications 

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Steven Chaplain

Operations Manager 

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Justin Edwards

Regional Director, North America 

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Tamar Epner

Research Manager 

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Franklin Murillo

Global Manager, Partner Network 

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Petra Krylova

Senior Analyst 

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Lauren Sinclair

Media Manager 

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Brent Nagel


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Advisory Board

Michael E Porter

Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School 

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Hernando de Soto

President, Institute for Liberty and Democracy 

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Judith Rodin

Former President, The Rockefeller Foundation 

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Scott Stern

David Sarnoff Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management 

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Ngaire Woods

Dean, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford 

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Board of Directors

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Sally Osberg

Vice Chair 

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David Cruickshank


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Álvaro Rodríguez Arregui

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, IGNIA Partners, LLC 

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Matthew Bishop

Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation 

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Roberto Artavia Loría

President, Viva Trust and INCAE Business School 

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Regional Leads

Juan Cristóbal Birbuet

Regional Director, Progreso Social Sudamérica 

Marcelo Mosaner

Methodological Expert, Progreso Social Sudamérica 

Glaucia Barros

Strategy Coordinator, Progreso Social Sudamérica 


Jaime Garcia

Methodological Expert, Progreso Social Mesoamérica 

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Victor Umaña

Regional Director, Progreso Social Mesoamérica 


Paula Kravitz

Global Partnerships Representative 

Richard Woods

European Regional Representative 

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Country Leads

Luis Del Carpio

#Progreso Social Peru 

Amit Kapoor

#Social Progress India 

Shariha Khalid

#Social Progress Malaysia 

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Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir

#Social Progress Iceland 

Marina Viski

#Progresso Social Brasil 

Sebastian Soliz

#Progreso Social Guatemala 

Alejandro Poma

#Progreso Social El Salvador 

Manuel Velazquez

#Progreso Social Paraguay 

Maripaz Vindas

#Progreso Social Panama 

Ángela Escallón Emiliani

#Progreso Social Colombia 

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Chiaki Kinjo

#Progreso Social Bolivia 

Global Partnerships

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