North America

Redefining Successful Communities

An Incomplete Picture

Canada and The United States both rank well globally on the 2016 Social Progress Index, but it is clear that social progress varies greatly within both countries.

Under Construction

The Social Progress Imperative turned attention to North America in 2015. Efforts to create several indexes in Canada and the United States are underway.

Poised for Breakout

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News and events

  Drawing on insights from the Social Progress Index, Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School spoke on how the United States’ current political rhetoric and surge in populism is a symptom of a model in crisis. The real and solvable problem is that economic development is not delivering social progress. Porter connected the […]

11 Apr 2017

Political, economic and social uncertainty is rising globally. The world is looking urgently for solutions that will build prosperous economies and inclusive societies. In order to meet that challenge we need to understand what is working and why. Anchored by the Social Progress Index, the second annual What Works global summit will bring together leaders […]

4 Mar 2017

Friend, Last week, we saw the creation of immigration policies that could threaten social progress—not just in the United States but around the world. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of such sweeping blockades, but we have an imperative to offer better solutions—ones that are data-driven, and promote equal opportunities and access for […]

31 Jan 2017

At the Organization of American States Development Ministers and High-Level Authorities (REMDES) meeting in Asuncion, Paraguay this week, Social Progress Imperative Vice-Chair Roberto Artavia Loria presented the Social Progress Index to officials from 21 countries as a potential framework for measuring social performance across the Americas.

15 Jul 2016

Who Makes It Happen