The 2017 Social Progress Index is Coming!

On June 21, Social Progress Imperative will release the 2017 Social Progress Index results.

The Index is the first holistic measure of a country’s social performance that is independent of economic factors, and the 2017 Index is our best yet because it:

●   Ranks 128 countries on their progress toward satisfying Basic Human Needs, providing Foundations for Wellbeing, and offering Opportunity for all citizens

●   Provides trend analysis about those countries’ social and environmental outcomes since 2014

●   Offers partial data for 61 additional countries, expanding the Index’s coverage to 98% of the world’s population

●   Exposes the strengths and weaknesses of countries in comparison to others with a similar GDP per capita

●   Reveals how the world overall, geographic regions, and global superpowers are performing

●   Shows what is driving social progress forward and what is holding it back

●   Reminds us what’s at stake and what each of us can do to advance social progress


Starting next Wednesday, you can read the 2017 Social Progress Index report as well as explore and download the data at

Between now and then, we encourage you to keep your networks informed of the upcoming release by using the sample social media messages below:

●   Save the Date! The 2017 #SocialProgress Index will be live on June 21

●   (Twitter: @socprogress, Facebook: @SocialProgressImperative) will have 4 yrs of #socialprogress data for 128 nations on June 21 w/ new Social Progress Index

●    2017 #SocialProgress Index reveals new regional & global trends. Find out June 21 which countries are performing best & worst

Thank you for your continued support to sustain and grow the social progress movement. As you plan your support of the upcoming launch, please also make a gift to help ensure the Index’s insights result in action and impact. Together, we can advance social progress and improve millions of lives.

Michael Green
CEO, Social Progress Imperative